Making candles has always been something I thought I'd do one day. Then, one day came. Quarantine during COVID-19 happened. I was backed into the corner of no more excuses. I discovered the art of candle making during a time of needing creative inspiration and a spark of new joy.


Light Your Way resonates with my journey, but also something I hope to spark in others. We are all on a constant exploration of this thing called, Life. I challenge and encourage you to always bring light to each new path you find yourself on, and to always share your light with others.

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Each candle is created from an all-natural, coconut soy wax for an eco-friendly, clean burn. Then I add blend fragrances that are superior quality, phthalate-free. I use flat braided cotton wicks and crackling wood wicks, and premium grade fragrance oils. No added dyes or chemicals are used. Each candle is carefully hand-poured, into each beautiful jar. Once properly cooled, each candle is carefully inspected, curated, and labeled by hand.

The small batch process allows for highest amount of care and quality put back into each individual candle.


I'm Hannah! Owning a business and making candles was never part of the plan, but neither was most of my 'life plans'. Yet, here I am embracing and welcoming every new step of what this will teach me. The greatest joys in my life include seeing happiness in others, creating genuine human connections, and staying open and spontaneous to every adventure life has to offer.


'Light Your Way' resonates with my journey, but more importantly something I hope to spark in others.