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During a time of 'new beginnings' I discovered the art of candle making. 


Light Your Way aims to encourage others to pursue something new that will spark joy in their lives. Take on a new hobby, learn a new craft, make a new friend, create a goal and don't be afraid to fail. Don't wait until the "right time"-- take the trip, tell your people you love them, explore a new place, buy the damn shoes! Whatever you do and wherever you go, do it




and share your light with others. Because the world needs your light. That's why we're here, to help Light Your Way. 

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Each candle is created from an all-natural blend of coconut and soy wax for a nontoxic, clean burn. From there, a carefully curated blend of clean fragrances are measured, added to the wax, and stirred to proper temperature. These oils are of superior quality, and ALWAYS phthalate-free. A natural wood wick is added to every vessel before the blend of wax and oil is hand-poured, one by one. Once each candle has properly cooled (and taken up every square inch of my kitchen for about three days), they are inspected for any flaws and then carefully labeled by hand. And that's it! No added chemicals, no dyes, no synthetic materials, no BS. 

When you order a LYW candle, a smile springs across my face and I run to my shelves, select the PERFECT candle for you, package it up, and drive it to the post office within 48 hrs, every time. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for supporting Light Your Way. 


Hi, I'm Maggie!


I'm a new mama and a new candle-maker. I befriended Hannah, the previous owner of LYW Candles, and immediately became intrigued by her talent and craft. I admired the quality of product she created and supported her by buying as many candles as I could. I took it upon myself to start learning everything I could about how to make sustainable, eco-friendly, clean candles that are nontoxic so we can actually feel GOOD about burning them in our homes. I did this with the intention to someday be more like Hannah and create something I would be proud to share with the world.


Soon after, I caught word that Hannah was closing her chapter of owning and operating LYW Candles-- and I was devastated. Until my husband suggested that I offer to take it over and make it my own... what a brilliant idea! So, here I am. The proud new owner of Light Your Way and let me tell you, I am enjoying every second of it! 


'Light Your Way' resonates with my journey, because I realized there will never be a "right time" to discover a new passion-- you just have to do it! And I promise, your brave pursuit of new creation is something the world needs. Don't be afraid to fail, just light a candle (literally or figuratively), and find a way. 

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